Saturday, December 2, 2017

If you accidentally kill someone with a gun

No problem, 'sez' Mark Shea.  Why, you're an innocent man.  Mark, who I believe only now bothered to mention the Kate Steinle case on his blog, declares the shooter a victim' a victim of - what else - right wing racist Nazism.  

For Mark, the guy is innocent.  Period. Read it here.  Remember this the next time there is some news story about someone accidentally killing another person with a gun. Let's see Mark's restraint and clear thoughtfulness and charity in that case, either about the individual or the issue of gun violence, which he does't bother to mention this time. 

As far as east is from the west is Mark Shea from any shred of moral or theological consistency.   Sorry if that's harsh, but there comes a time when someone can become a menace to the Faith and a stumbling block to the Faithful.  

BTW, thank Mark for pointing out that, had it not been for conservative media outlets, we never would have heard of a case where, intentionally or not, an illegal immigrant who had been arrested multiple times was still allowed to be here and eventually ended up killing a young American woman. A woman who, interestingly, Mark chooses not to name, or even allude to.  A woman whose death does not help the cause. A woman whose death can't pass from the modern progressive mind fast enough. 

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