Monday, December 11, 2017

This is good news

Iraq is declaring the ISIS state a thing of the past.  Years and thousands of deaths after Barrack Obama dismissed ISIS as junior varsity, it looks like the reign of terror may be coming to an end.

I have no doubt there will still be resistance.  There always is.  You will have operatives trying to keep the fires burning.  But ISIS has suffered the big hit to its credibility: it has lost.  It has been shown to be powerless against a concerted effort to defeat it. 

This doesn't mean everything is peachy in the Middle East.  President Trump's Jerusalem decision could signal the beginning of a new era, however, one in which we begin to think outside the box and stop doing what hasn't worked for decades.  Sometimes not doing over and over again that which has failed to yield results is the smarter move.

We'll see.  Nonetheless, this is big news.  Heck, it's so big that a couple networks actually took time from the Trump Impeachment Cycles to mention it.  That's big.

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