Thursday, December 14, 2017

My thoughts exactly

Yep.  Every year we have to endure invasion of endless critters.  I'm not arachnophobic.  I don't fear spiders.  Don't like them, but don't fear them.  In fact, I have a 'rule of thumbnail' rule.  That is, a spider smaller than my thumbnail can stay, since it will help with other critters.  Nonetheless, I have my limits. 

And this year saw those limits pushed.  About two months ago, when it gets bad as everything is coming indoors due to the weather, I saw the largest spider I've ever seen outside of a zoo or Scifi movie.  On the wall, it's legs stretched almost to the size of the palm of my hand.  I didn't bother to get a camera or take a pic.  I know Steve Irwin would disapprove, but it was toast.  So if Thor wanted to add lightning to the campaign, I'd welcome it. Given what it took to put that particular specimen out of commission, the lightning would have helped.

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