Monday, December 4, 2017

There is no compromise with the Left

So just stop it.  Stop trying.  Like most of what the West has produced in terms of progressive revolutions, the Left despises the world of the Christian Faith.  It's like the Terminator.  It can't be bargained with.  It can't be reasoned with.  It doesn't show sanity, decency or charity, and it absolutely will not stop, ever, until the Christian Faith is dead.

So it should be no surprise that a gay nativity scene is making the rounds at the same time Christmas messages themselves are banned for being offensive.  Go ahead all progressive believers, non-conservatives, post-conservatives, non-traditionalists, hipster faithful and all who are trying to find ways to compromises between the Faith and the modern Left.  Go ahead and try, and measure how far you have pulled the Left back to the Faith, and how far the Left has pulled you from it.

It's tempting to think that if you throw a clean washcloth into a mud puddle, the mud puddle will become cleaner.  Chances are, however, that the puddle will stay muddy, and your washcloth will become dirty.

Unlike ancient Rome, the Left doesn't seek to round us up and drag us off to the arena.  Nor does it seek to do what previous leftists regimes did in gulags and killing fields.  Like trying to corrupt an upstanding citizen, it seeks to destroy all the faith believes, to corrupt its dogmas, erode its foundation.  It seeks to encourage believers and their leaders to reject the universe as Christ revealed. 

After all, if it can get the Church and its leaders to admit error in such things as human nature, which is visible and able to be seen and studied, where will people find cause to believe the Church where the invisible God is concerned?

The Faith is under an assault unlike anything it has experienced in its multiple centuries of existence.  To miss this fact, or to see the progressive developments as just some normal course of action in the evolution of human society, is to make one of the most grievous mistakes in the long history of making mistakes.


  1. It might be tempting to see this as a regional problem. The assault on normality, to say nothing of Christianity, is after all undeniably worse in places like California and Massachusetts than in places like Alabama and West Virginia. Even though the ferocity of the attack is not the same in all places, though, no place is safe from the attack. It would be a mistake to think it is possible to just ride this out by moving to the right state.

    What is true of the geographic landscape is also true of the political landscape; just as the spiritual attack is taking place in all states, it is taking place in all political parties and up and down the political spectrum. It is no more possible to hide from it by cocooning deep inside the GOP than to hide from it by moving to Dothan.

    1. I think that increasingly both parties are just two sides of the same coin. Though the last year has certainly shaken that up, for better or worse.

  2. The most catastrophic even in the Church's 2000 year history was Vatican II when the Left officially insinuated itself into Church teaching like a deadly cancer, a cancer of the devil which results in spiritual death. Now we have the personification of this evil in the person of Pope Francis. We must resist. God help us all. Instead of saving the world the Church is corrupting it.

    1. That did seem to start a trend, though I get the feeling that the movement was already well under way.


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