Saturday, December 23, 2017

Leftist dreams and stranger things

A movie expressing the longing of the modern left, whereby the Left sues the Catholic Church for not converting to the Leftist gospel.  In this case, since the Church doesn't allow women to be priests, it is sued by the heroic and always tolerant and diverse Left.

Chaos ensues as religious fanatics dare to insist they have a right to their own beliefs.  Naturally some really bad religious types try to murder the hapless woman wishing to be a priest.  After all, Christians murdering people over the faith is one of the greatest security threats in the world today.   Refusing all attempts to compromise, the heroic lawyer and priestess wannabe are ready for a fight all the way to impose their values and beliefs on the Catholic Church.  With the emergent Left, there is no compromise.  There is only victory.

Ah, the dreams of the Left. The only problem is that modern Christians are still operating under the assumption that this is the Left that used to talk of things like tolerance, diversity, live and let live, respect different views and be super nice to everyone.  That Left - if it ever really existed at all - is long extinct.  The emergent Left is a Marxist based, Bolshevik inspired Leftist movement that seeks to be what all leftist revolutions of the last century have been, and that's a plague of locusts that seeks to devour and destroy everything in its path.

Will Church leaders used to suffering for Christ with six digit incomes and invites to all the best parties with the nation's beautiful people wake up in time?  Hard to say.  But see this movie if you have a chance.  It's a pep rally film for the Left, but it also shows the mentality of the same Left and its ultimate designs for all people in the world, not just the Catholic Church.

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