Thursday, December 7, 2017

Al Franken resigns

By saying he's not sure the truth is how others remember it, but by making sure we understand this is about setting up Trump and, if possible, Roy Moore.

Right now, CNN is focusing on the fact that Franken seemed to be retracting his earlier confessions.  Which is big.  Since Franken is coming close to saying he's not sure he's as guilty as they insist, this puts the burden on Roy Moore who also insists he's innocent.  After all, Franken is sort of saying an accusation is good enough to cause a resignation, even if he remembers things differently.

For me, it's simple to figure out.  The only way to go after Trump for the one thing he seems even closely guilty of - sexual immorality - is to clean house.  And if that includes getting rid of people like Franken, who often seemed buffoonish despite the press's desire to suggest otherwise, or John Conyers, who long ago passed his sell by date as an effective voice for the Left, so be it.

There are no major names going down, at least in terms of effectiveness.  In the press, it was Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, and Harvey Weinstein - all whose punditry and advocacy failed to hand the left a victory in 2016.  That's what comes from losing.

So now, with Franken basically admitting little, but making sure the focus should be on Trump and Moore, expect what CNN is predicting - that Democrats and the Press (but I repeat myself) will be aiming like a laser at Trump, Moore and the GOP.  Any accusation against a Republican now will be used to attack the entire party if the accused isn't immediately done away with.  It's about Trump and Moore.  Not Franken.  Not the women.  It's Trump and Moore.

Oh, and this is as CNN tries to put the best spin on Franken, his seriousness, his accomplishments and his general 'good old guy' reputation that is deserved and earned.

Again, it's not about the women, or the predators.  It's about politics, plain and simple.

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