Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Catholic author rejoices as pro-abortion rights Democrat wins election

See how easy that is?  Nothing at all wrong with the headline, is there?  Just read the post.  Mark is giddy that Moore lost.  Nonetheless, I'm sure for Mark, the point is that Moore lost, not that radically pro-abortion rights Democrat Jones won.  But it shows the danger in not being charitable in how we frame things.  We can frame truth in a way that is false or accusing.  Or even slanderous.  A word of warning:  It's not that lies are sinful as much as truth is preferred.  And that's truth as is true, not truth wrapped up in subtle accusations and insinuations.


  1. Excellent analysis and a good point. We need to not fall in the trap of exaggeration as well. Then those we want to evangelize will stop listening to us.

    1. It's something I try to guard against myself, since I don't think that uncharitable approach does much in the long run to endear the Faith to nonbelievers.


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