Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Another reminder about why Trump won

This post popped up on my visited posts today.  That happens.  Every now and then some old post will be visited, and it will pop up on my dashboard. 

Anyway, it is a post I did reflecting on how Obama could have a 43% approval rating when, by 2014, it was clear things were unraveling.  Obamacare brought as many problems as solutions, our foreign policy was in tatters, domestic strife, racial tensions, and general infrastructure were a mess.  Our VA hospitals had become the disgrace of the nation.  And our economic recovery continued to crawl along, getting better by half steps while a growing number of Americans were falling behind.  How could a president in the midst of this warrant a 43% approval?

Easy, the press was there to stir up Obama-worship, and attack as racists all who questioned Obama's efficacy and industry.  In the post is a little reminder of the God-praise that was given to Obama over the previous years, when he was declared the first person in history who God prays to everyday (read the quotes, they're hilarious in a 'creepy cultist' sort of way).  And, of course, if you questioned it you were a racist.

The thing is, I don't think nearly as many Americans bought the emperor's new clothes as the media driven Obama tent revival suggested.  In fact, so wrong were they, that the result ended up being Donald Trump.  I don't think it was because Trump was Trump, and sometimes I don't think it was because Hillary was Hillary.  I think many simply refused to pull a lever for another candidate who would be placed between the horns of the alter and lifted up in another cult of personality by the media that is supposed to protect us from the same.  I think anyone not associated with Obama would, in the end, have had the advantage. 

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