Thursday, December 14, 2017

Rethinking the Mueller investigation

By someone with more credentials to speak to the issue than me.

I'm sure if Trump fired Mueller it would be political suicide.  Nonetheless, it doesn't take a fool to see that there are serious problems with the investigation as things have been revealed.  Beyond the fact that we've found out as many stinky things regarding the Democrats and their election hijinks, there has been enough to raise serious questions about the investigation's objectivity.  I mean, as much as I understand a Democrat congressman going to bat for someone who applied vulgar insults to the First Lady and her family, I think there is a line where objectivity and opinions clash. 

Again, the legalities are beyond me, and I won't say what should happen.  But my hunch is that some form of rethinking or rewinding is in order here.  At least in a country that cares about truth and right or wrong.

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