Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Note to Fox News

Every time the government does something, or suggests something, or tries to do something to help people, or give advice, is not cause for sounding alarms and yelling the Russians are coming!  It's not the footsteps of those Nazi Communists, those Fascists Socialists, those KGB Gestapo agents, or any such thing.

I say that because this morning I happened to catch the FOX morning show.  I'm not a fan of FOX.  I'm not much of a fan of any television news organization, since I more or less have resigned myself to the fact that most national media is simply propaganda without the cheesy posters.  Still, I try to catch different shows now and again just to see what's happening.  And lo and behold, there was the FOX morning trio, lamenting our government trying to tell families how to eat.

That's right, Big Brother all the way!  The government was trying to tell families to eat according to the guidelines set forth in the modern school menus.  Now, you can disagree with the guidelines all you want.  And I'm the first to say we're losing the art of living in our age, as everything except sex, drugs, and bathroom humor is redefined as somehow dangerous to everyone and therefore worthy of elimination.  Gone are cupcakes, candies, and meals kids like, in are salads, veggies, and mandated health food.  OK, debate.  Fair enough.

But it stands to reason that if the government thinks this is a good idea (no matter how bad it is), there will be attempts to convey those guidelines to everyone.  Why do I think that?   Because it's what the government does.  We want a government to look out for our own interests.  We expect the government to say 'you know, owning slaves is bad, so we want folks to stop owning slaves.'  Likewise, if there is something good for you, even if it turns out otherwise, we expect the government to support promoting such behaviors or ideas.  And I don't think, I know it's been doing such things for ages. Case in point:

That was an old show produced by Michigan State University back when I was little, and shown on PBS.  That's right, on public television, a show designed to teach kids the nutritious way to eat, shown in our schools, with the idea that we would take the information back home to Mom and Dad.  I was in kindergarten, which puts me getting the government initiative in the socialist fascist days of the Nixon administration sometime in the years 1972/1973.

Again, not that the old four food groups we were taught about were right (apparently they weren't).  Or it's not to say the latest initiative is right.  If the last forty years are any indicators, my guess is the latest will be seen as obsolete down the road   But it isn't a vast government conspiracy to control our lives.  The more you cry wolf, the less likely it is people will believe you when the wolf finally arrives.  There are plenty of things to concern ourselves over when it comes to the crushing of freedoms and the eradication of non-sexually based liberties.  Running around yelling 'Big Brother' every time anything associated with the government so much as sneezes is a sure way to get people to ignore you once the truly alarming proposals begin to roll onto the stage.

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