Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Media to swing into damage control after tonight's debate

To me there was not a clear winner.  Now, that's usually press-talk for The Republican Won.  In all my years, I can't recall the national press ever - Ever - declaring a GOP candidate the winner of the debate, at least not at the time of the debate itself.  Usually either the Democrat clearly wins, or it is a draw.  But that was then, when the media had to veil its obvious bias and at least pretend it was objective.

Today, the media is almost flagrant that it is nothing other than the national committee to reelect Obama.  It's coverage, or non-coverage, of the international Islamic riots crisis of the last couple weeks should show that. While people were dying and Americans were killed, the media time and again chose to focus on what?  Why, this Romney gaffe or that Romney gaffe.  As far as the media is concerned, all is well, there are no real problems, everything is getting better, Obama has six pack abs, and his wife is hot in the latest dress.  That's all we need to know.

So while there were no clear winners tonight, it's also obvious that Romney looked far better than most expected, and Obama looked far worse than many imagined.  To me, Obama looked about like he always looks.  I don't buy into the enforced narrative that Obama is the greatest public speaker since Jesus.  He gives good speeches  when he has a teleprompter and the wind is at his back.  But take away the script, put him under pressure, act as if we might actually be expecting something of him, and he usually looks about like he did tonight.

So it will be interesting to see.  Will the MSM give the usual no real winners spin?  That would be most credible, as it isn't like Romney nailed one out of the park or anything.  That would be the safe way to go, since it's clear to anyone whose head isn't up their wazoo that no matter what, Obama was clearly not the winner.  Or will they throw the last stitch of credibility out the window and proclaim Obama the winner?  We'll have to wait and see.  I've learned never to underestimate the media's reliance on modern America's partisanship,  apathy, and intellectual laziness.

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