Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm OK with this

Really.  Even as a Catholic, I see no need to flush America down the toilet, even if it appears to be heading that direction.  So when I see images like these:

I don't feel the immediate need to exclusively focus on Indians slaughtered, slaves owned,  minorities discriminated against, women oppressed, homosexuals persecuted, witches burned, A-bombs dropped, Imperialism, racism, sexism, fundamentalism, puritanism, ignorance, boorish behavior, intellectual inferiority, or inevitable communist tyranny.  If anything, focusing on the majority of the list is probably the number one reason we will likely end up at the end of the list.

I say this because, as I meandered around this morning and went to CAEI, I saw two posts running with the whole 'all countries are equally better than America' mantra, with numbers of comments jumping in to sound the great Amen.  A growing tendency in not a few Catholic websites in recent years.  A pity.


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