Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meanwhile Mitt Romney

Tries to destroy whatever good will he may have won from his victory in the first presidential debate.  When the conservative movement has been torn asunder over whether or not to continue supporting the GOP after decades of failed promises and limp wristed support for social issues, Mitt Romney steps forth and assures them that he has no intention of caring about their concerns if he is elected president.

I realize that technically he merely is saying that he won't propose any pro-life legislation aimed at reducing or preventing abortions.  According to his spokeswoman, he would apparently consider at least something regarding congressional initiatives, but that's purely speculation on my part.  All I know is that Romney has suggested to moderates Americans that he has no intention of doing anything with abortion one way or another if he is elected.

Add that to the win column for those Catholics insisting that voting for the GOP is no different, or better, than voting for the Democrats.  Goodness knows, I'm beginning to think they're correct.

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