Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jeff Greenfield demonstrates why Obama got smacked down by Romney

In an editorial piece, Mr. Greenfield makes it clear that the best man lost.  His piece is one big lament that Obama, who is clearly right and better than Romney, didn't demonstrate it better.  Perhaps, Mr. Greenfield suggests, it's because Obama just had too much confidence in himself.

If Obama had too much confidence, it didn't show.  Truth is, Mr. Greenfield's assumption that Obama is clearly the dude is what did Obama.  You see, it's almost a joke for most thinking people that for almost four years, the press has done nothing but support Obama, praise Obama, and give Obama a blank check.  Neither Clinton nor even Kennedy were ever given such a clear pond to skate.

Even when things went terribly wrong, the press either found a way to blame republicans, allowed White House operatives to establish the official story (or sometimes, helped out by making suggestions themselves), or, as in the case of the embassy attacks and murders, simply chose to focus on: Romney!  It was this refusal to ever, and I mean ever, call Obama on anything that made Obama so ill-prepared to be called out on the carpet last night.

Obama is used to showing up and by virtue of showing up, that's all that needs said.  That Romney took the bull by the horns, and with respect got into Obama's face, while firmly but politely keeping Jim Lehrer from stopping him and moving one once Obama spoke, completely caught Obama off guard.  He was to show up, give love to his wife, smile at the camera, and more or less repeat the talking points while the debate moved on.  He wasn't counting on a self-made millionaire holding off the moderator to go step by step back at what Obama said.

And the results were telling.  Now the media, like Mr. Greenfield, will be stepping in to save the day.  Already we're getting treated to the old 'Obama just shines so bright, sometimes we can't comprehend it' spins, or in Mr. Greenfield's case, 'Obama was just so much better, why didn't he show it?'  Notice, also, the moving of the goal posts.

Going into the debate, when everyone thought Romney would be made the fool in light of Obama's divine powers, every media pundit said it was make or break for Romney   This debate, this debate alone, would decide Romney's fate.  Now, notice Greenfield.  It's now the polls.  If the polls don't show a major increase for Romney, then the election is over and Obama wins.  Huh?  So, Romney wins the debate because Obama should have done better at being better than Romney, so naturally if Romney doesn't take a commanding lead Obama, who lost the debate for not being more visibly superior to Romney, will win in November?

Uh huh.  Again, Obama's Achilles Heal last night was the press who spent four years not preparing him for what he encountered last night.  What comes around goes around I guess.

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