Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Bob Ross

An apt tribute from Google

The man who could calm the Middle East with his quiet demeanor would have been 70 today.  I know, some in the snob court of the art world look down their noses, but who cares?  When did anyone who lauds a toilet seat suspended from a wall of corn cobs ever speak for what really moves the average person?  Ross knew that art should be for everyone, not just the elite.  He also knew that everyone likes to create, it's in our blood.  God creates.  God is the source of creation.  Being made in God's image, we just can't help but want to make something.  And so Mr. Ross took the easel from the Champagne and caviar world of self-congratulatory snobbery, and gave it to us, the little people. And the way he did it couldn't help but put a smile on your face.

FWIW, his tones may have been tranquil, but watch him while he is painting; watch his hands.  Those hands are going a million miles and hour.  It's a sadder world without Mr. Ross in it.  I hope he knows somewhere that he is missed.

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