Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Help a Protestant Clergy Convert to Catholicism

Who is down on his luck.  As I've posted many times before, it's been anything but an easy go of it since we came into the Church.  Right at first, it looked promising as if God had opened up an entirely new life for us.  But things unraveled fast, and it's been mostly this:

ever since.

Now my wife has lost her job, and I've only been able to obtain temp jobs myself.  Savings are all but gone, and we have no credit rating that will allow for loans.  The only things left are foreclosure,  bankruptcy,  and homelessness.

Those who are not Catholic and who have long wondered about the wisdom (much less the theology) of our decision are a growing level of pity with a mix of 'told you so'.  Even our kids have begun to say 'you know Dad, back when we were Protestant, the sun seemed to shine brighter, the flowers bloom larger, the breeze blow gentler - and then we became Catholic and everything went to hell.'  We have been able to point to individual examples of overwhelming graciousness, generosity, and kindness.  But as a Church, as an institution  it's been crickets and silence.

Many are shocked that the Church has given us nothing in terms of a position or some level of employment.  Not, as I'm reminded, that the Church owes me anything.  I've read many Catholic bloggers remind me that the Church doesn't owe us jack.  And that's true.  It doesn't.  But fact is, we're desperate, and we're becoming scared.  As one of my sons pointed out, it would be easier if across the parish, we saw families all losing everything and giving up everything for the faith.  Instead, they see youth taking trips to Italy and going on weekend retreats and going to parties at people's houses while they are left watching what little we have evaporate.  I'm afraid it's beginning to strain their faith, at least their faith that becoming Catholic was what God wanted.

So with that, a prayer and a request.  Please pray that by the end of the year, we still have a home.  Second, if anyone knows anyone in Central Ohio that might hire.  I've gone to many Catholic agencies and organizations throughout the diocese, but they typically want tech-specific jobs.  My wife and I have both applied many times to positions through the diocese itself, but as of yet, have not even spoken with anyone (the thanks but no thanks letters becoming a file unto themselves).  The the fact that despite dozens of contacts and applications, having spoken to not one individual despite, in some cases, overwhelming credentials, there is a possibility of things we don't want to consider.

Be that as it may, our most urgent request is that someone in Central Ohio let us know of someone Catholic (or otherwise) who might be willing to hire a broken down former Protestant minister or his wife.  We're not picky at this point, and have applied for jobs the likes of which I haven't done since college.  Of course a filthy rich Catholic with millions of dollars burning a hole in his or her pocket is just as good.  But on the whole, we would prefer to work and earn our keep, even if to show everyone that becoming Catholic didn't mean the end of everything we had with no help from the Church we joined.  So thanks in advance, and please feel free to email me of any information, or send this to anyone who might be able to help.  God bless.


  1. HAve you checked out the Coming Home Netwrok job board? I'm in a similar boat as you friends, haven't made the plunge to become Catholic, but really weighing the options. I too am a Protestant minister that is very interested in the Catholic church. Hope this helps.

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting. Yes, I know of the Coming Home Network, but it's more or less just that, a network of people to give you encouragement, and not much else. Its main focus is on the various outreach medias that it produces. Not necessarily a problem, but it more or less doesn't really help that difficult 'now what when we become Catholic' part of the conversion experience. As I've written, the whole movement seems to have gone a different direction, and unless you're Anglican, expect to more or less be on your own, depending on the particular diocese you happen to be in. Hope it goes well with you, and if you come into the Church, be prepared to enjoy. But also, be prepared to go about it on your own, unless you are blessed with a Bishop on fire about clergy converts.

    Hope to hear more from your experience, and have a blessed Thanksgiving in the meantime.


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