Saturday, October 20, 2012

Way to go Bucks!

Wow, what a game!  And now with news that Braxton Miller was well enough to leave the hospital, we can all savor the sweet, sweet taste of victory.  Is it me, or did the rest of the team finally step up to the plate?  So far, it's more or less been the Braxton Miller show, costarring those other guys on the team.  But now, with less than a minute to go, several star players plus Braxton Miller injured, and eight points behind owing to an earlier safety, following an interception, the back up quarterback Kenny Guiton (who had thrown the aforesaid interception) came on the field to do what even your crack professional first rate teams would be hard pressed to accomplish: march it down the field and not just score a touchdown, but make the necessary two point conversion with seconds left on the clock. Overtime came and went, and with a touchdown to spare, we got a little revenge on Purdue, and avoided an embarrassing end in the Shoe to Urban Meyer's perfect first season.  Congrats to all, but mostly to the Buckeyes, who finally showed they were ready to share the spotlight with one of college football's most dynamic players.

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