Friday, October 12, 2012

The wife of Jesus a fraud?

This may come as a shock, but it looks like, despite the media storm of attention that went on for a couple days, the whole fragment suggesting Jesus was not so clear after all.  Duh.  More reasons why the well informed child of the enlightenment doesn't get his or her information about reality from the media.  Of course I'm willing to give it time.  Just because the media says it's true doesn't make it true, and just because we have reason to believe it's false, or a modern forgery, or whatever, doesn't make it so.  It can take time. And just as the multiple contradictory findings regarding the Shroud of Turin show, test results often depend on the ideological or theological baggage you take into the lab with you, thus dispelling the notion that the science lab is where all things meet their opposite and everything is unvarnished truth untainted by subjective thinking.  Still, for those who were shaking in their boots over the idea that all of Christian history was wrong about Jesus not being married, I think it's time to relax and go do something else, like feed the poor, clothe the naked, minister to the sick, and things like that.

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