Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Go read Jimmy Akin's blog

I've never said I was a Catholic blogger.  The temptation to go off the rails and start using my role as a blogger this or apologist that is too great.  I prefer to say I'm Dave, writing to myself, and others may read along.  Which is why I'm as inclined to look for an old Vincent Price commercial, or gush over my boys, as I am to reflect on Catholic teaching.  When I do offer opinions about this or that issue, it's because as a Catholic they interest me.  But that's all.  I'm not going to say I speak on behalf of the Church, and I am the way, the truth, and the life, and nobody can come to Jesus but by the way I see this or that teaching, the way I vote, or the way I understand this issue.

Sadly, far too many Catholic blogs have gone that way over the years.  Either for one reason or another, they became immersed in a sort of personal syncretism, where the blogger subtly (or not so subtly) merges two parts Catholic Teaching with one part 'clearly smart Catholics who love Jesus will see this issue the way I see it, or enjoy that book or movie, or whatever '

Which brings me to Jimmy Akin.  As many Catholic sites are stumbling over each other to insist that True Catholics Who Love Jesus will vote for Romney, or vote for Obama, or vote for anyone other than someone from the two major parties, or realize that despite what the Bishops think, all voting is a waste of time that leads to evil because all liberal democracy is evil anyway, Mr. Akin continues to do what Catholic blogs should do: speak to issues about the Catholic Church.  Not that he doesn't, or shouldn't, have his opinions.  Sure he does.  Nothing wrong with that.  But the overall emphasis in these last posts have been focusing on St. Peter here, or Pope Benedict there, or just kicking around some issues with the Mass.  That's where a blog that struts under the title Catholic Blog should keep it.  Let political issues be written about.  Nothing wrong there.  Let personal opinions be given.  But the focus should be on let's look at the Catholic faith.  Not let's focus on what the Catholics Church should have meant when it really said I am right, and the only path unto salvation is seeing what the Church will no doubt someday realize.

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