Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Atheists are so predictable

So the latest Pew Research news is that a whopping one third of Americans under 30 have no religious affiliation.  They are either atheists, agnostics, or simply don't claim any particular religious identity.  In fact, agnostics and atheists are lumbering along at about the same pace, with a slight bit of growth.  The large number is the amount of Americans claiming no religious affiliation at all.  Of course Pew has also counted the number of atheists who admit to praying and believing in a personal god.

All of this shows that we live in an age that doesn't spend much time in deep thought.  Love God, hate God, reject God or believe, but 'no affiliation ?  Can there be anything less convincing?  Is there anything that screams 'I haven't given any thought to the question' more than that?  If atheists consider this a victory, it confirms my suspicions that, after centuries of hoping and failing to disprove God, atheists now are counting on a lack of education and a lack of profound thinking on the subject in order to advance the cause.

Despite the sad display of intellectual laziness, as could be predicted, over at the Friendly Atheist caviar and Champagne are being passed around as the resident atheists consider this a coup of historic proportions   Declaring that we will someday go along the same enlightened path as dying Europe, Russia, or China, they seem to think this is proof that atheism is on the rise.  What it is proof of is that in our wiki-generation, we are an age given to less thinking about profound subjects than your average Medieval peasant ever would have imagined.

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