Friday, October 26, 2012

What should Richard Mourdock have said about rape?

Jimmy Akin suggests he should have said a whole lot less than he did.  The sad thing is, Mr. Akin has a point.  But not just in the political arena.  In our iPod/app generation, people are not even going to bother to think what is said.  They will hit search, look for keywords, and pounce based on what they already know to be true.  Want to know why I get impatient when Catholics do this sort of thing?  Because it's the common problem of modern discourse in general, and it would be nice for Catholics to be the example, not simply run with the herds. 

But I digress.  Mr. Akin lays out a pretty solid explanation for what went wrong, what could be said, and better ways to say it.  He also mentions Todd Akin, though Akin's statements were far worse, and the ignorance gave more than enough justifiable ammo to pro-choice advocates. 

Still, the saddest part?  For all our back patting, we really are not in some enlightened time.  Perhaps we were  but we aren't now.  Time and again we see people suggest that really complex and really deep and really profound topics ought not be discussed in this or that arena of public discourse because people just don't bother taking the time to understand.  People just rush, judge, condemn or support, and then back to the latest iPhone.  Forgive me for feeling embarrassed  but I can't help but feel embarrassed   At least people in ancient times had certain excuses.

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