Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If you're watching Fox News

You're probably seeing a growing pile of evidence that suggests Obama and his administration flat out lied about the attacks in Libya, and perhaps even did so for simply political expedience.  If you're watching the rest of the MSM, you'll no doubt have been shown endless hours of outrage that a Christian would suggest a baby conceived is an act of God, even if that conception came from rape (under the classic belief that God can make something beautiful even out of the most heinous circumstances).  Depends on which one you're watching as to which story is important.  Of course, it also might suggest you are watching those particular networks because those priorities are already yours.


  1. A part of media bias not just how something is reported, but choosing what stories are reported on and which ones are not (or just glossed over). As far as God's will, I believe we can look at God’s will two ways. There is His ordaining will and His permitting will. The incarnation would be an example of the ordained will of God, but a rape & resulting child could be the permitting will of God and not ordained.

  2. I think you are near to spot on with the rape question. I doubt that Mr. Mourdock was meaning anything other than that, which is not uncommon Christian doctrine. Put in typical evangelical speak, it's saying God can take something horrible and make something good out of it. I'll wager that's what he meant, and that's just what the MSM has no intention of focusing on.


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