Monday, October 29, 2012

A Note to Catholics

Trying to tie the horrors of Western Civilization to those rascally Protestants flies about as far as a 500 pound iron weight.  As many times as I've read Catholics trying to insist the days of Catholic exploration were verily filled with joy and harmony and the chanting of John Lennon songs, truth is the entire period was complex, with all sides having their hands in the cookie jars of indefensible atrocities.  And yes, that includes the American Indians.  In our modern culture, emphasizing the complete openness and tolerance of all immigrants who yearn for a better life, I find it hard to believe we still have some who dismiss the endless numbers of innocent men, women, and children from Europe who died horribly at the hands of native Indians who knew full well what they were doing.

Fact is, all sides have their skeletons to hang in the closet.  Catholics who attempt to rewrite the narrative to suggest that it was only when Protestants, with their heretical ways and bad breath, came on the scene that things fell apart, are spitting into the wind.  Why?  Because it isn't just Protestants and scholars who have a  modicum of honesty about their research who know it's B.S.  It's also many within the vary Native American tribes that are equally skeptical, because they see one white European as the same as another, and don't dismiss the atrocities laid at the foot of the Catholic Church any more than they dismiss those committed by any others from Europe.  FWIW, they also remember atrocities committed by other Indian tribes, but you'd be hard pressed to find a PC Multi-Culturally sensitive Euro-American who could ever admit to such nuanced details from that period in history.

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