Saturday, February 12, 2022

A wonderful story of life

 Here, at the hard working Laura Klassen's page:

I read that and thought just how many miserable failures those who have stood on the side of Life and Truth have endured. When did we allow the world the upper hand in the abortion debate?  When did we allow the pro-abortion activists to frame the narrative so that the above story seems like some freakish exception to the rule, rather than the decent, common sense choice it was? 

This weird idea that if we give people more money, they'll stop sinning, is one of the most stupid in our world today.  And that's a world we're people insist men can have babies. 

You don't need more money, you need to do the right thing.  Poor or rich.  Nothing wrong with helping people and finding ways to reach out a charitable hand.  But believing that she had every right to abort her child because she was poor, or excusing such an act because she was poor, is propaganda from the pits of Hell.  That so many Church leaders appear to accept the premise is why her story comes off as some oddity, rather than run of the mill common goodness. 

God bless this young woman.  Note how God was able to work through her choices to elevate her and bless her.  If she would have accepted the New Prolife Catholic idea that her finances and situation in life make aborting her child completely understandable, how different would her life - and the world - be for it?


  1. "Sometimes life throws unexpected blessings at you. Don't throw them away."

    *sniff* beautifully said

    1. Yes. I feel like saying 'that's what pro-life is all about Charlie Brown.'

  2. For those who do not know how one of the ways the pro-choice narrative started and make no mistake, it was started by lies which people accepted as the truth need to read this from one of the main players of the abortion movement:

    1. That was a tough read. But it makes you wonder about so many other narratives we've been sold.


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