Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The most useless headline in history

As if they wouldn't.  When wouldn't they support a Dem Pres?  That's like saying Ohio State Buckeye fans rooted for the Buckeyes yesterday. 

FWIW, note the wording.  "Late Night reflects..."   Not Late Night Comedians.  That's about the fifth time now I've seen them referred to that way, including by the morning network news shows.

It's as if even the press can't bring itself to continue the charade.  They're not comedians.  They're leftwing thralls, hacks and activists who exist to bow before the Left and attack its enemies.  Followed by the obligatory flashing signs [LAUGH]/[APPLAUSE]

Another example of the NYT being honest: 

When you've become such partisan hacks that the propaganda press can't bring itself to continue the act, it's time to come out of the closet. 


  1. "Choir supports pastor!"
    "Cheerleaders support football team"

    That should be their new names. Late night choir or Cheerleaders.

    1. Yep. They stopped being comedians and became thralls of the Left some years ago. I just find it interesting that even news outlets can't deny it and have subtly dropped the comedians part. I saw it again on CBS - what 'Late Night' said about yada yada. When your sympathetic propaganda organs can't deny the obvious, you know it should be obvious.

    2. I forget who now I heard say it, but the essence was that reporters want to make all these disparaging comments about politicians - but "standards" prevent this. So they report on late night because those choir-boys get to say what the reporters want to.

      i.e. It may be against the rules for me to write, "Dave G is a nazi!" But it is within the rules for me to write, "Mark Shea declares Dave G is a nazi!"

      You know?

    3. That's how the press worked back in the 1980s with the old daytime talk shows. Before they became a joke, they were actually considered a valid outlet for debating the issues of the day. Though they could certainly play fast and loose, and they were exclusively liberals. Since they were also entertainment, they could allow more guests to speak of racist conservatives, Nazi Republicans, all men as sexist rapists, and so on. After all, it was still just entertainment. The Press, in their suits and ties and above it all, could nonetheless mention such episodes when convenient. Sort of a media good cop/bad cop. Which Democrats can also play, knowing the press has their backs.


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