Thursday, February 24, 2022

The press is expanding its role as Secret Police while going after dissenting parents

In what is the latest MSM story meant to besmirch parents questioning liberal activism in our public schools, we're told about shams and cons being used to harass schools and teachers. Really.  Read it here.

As we witnessed the leftwing reaction to the Canadian truck protests, and the January 6th riots, and contrasted it to the universal praise and support of the BLM protests, we can no longer deny the press has moved past its role of journalism.  By now, we realize the press is the propaganda ministry; it is Pravda.  Sometimes it's the not-so Secret Police.  Its purpose is to promote and protect at all costs the global liberal agendas. On the same front, its other job is to smear, attack and ruin any who hinder that same global leftwing movement. 

I expect more of these 'They rape teddy bears man!' stories about deplorable parents who dare to do what educators and child advocates have been telling parents to do for decades.  As teachers' salaries increased and teachers' benefits expanded, increasingly parents were told to take more charge of their children's education.  That is, spend hours each night helping the kids learn the basics. 

It got to the point where my sister complained to her granddaughter's school.  It seemed as if she was doing most of the teaching.  What were the teachers doing throughout the day?  The math and reading and writing was being left to students' families to tend to.  Apparently other priorities were being taken care of between the bells.   We saw the same thing with our sons, but bailing into homeschool got us out of the worst slide into the sludge we see today.  

With Covid, however, we saw an ugly side of our schools.  Viral videos showed teachers caught talking about keeping parents in the dark.  Parents who had only a passing care about their kids' curriculums saw some of what was being taught.  And they suddenly became what the schools had wanted for years -  involved. 

But the involvement included questioning the schools and what they were teaching.  It came in the form of holding schools accountable for questionable activities or even cover-ups. It came in the form of challenging various leftwing agendas being hoisted upon the students.

That's why everything boiled over.  The whole outrage caught the media off guard.  It likewise caught the school boards off guard.  That's why the initial reactions by teachers and school board members - threatening parents, belittling parents, mocking parents and trying to block parents from information - were what they were.  Which only made things worse.

Now the Left has rallied.  There will be more stories like this, meant to degrade and defame any parents who dare rock the boat. Any bad behavior by a potential dissenting parent will be used to blot out all parents who challenge the institution. That is the role of the 'media' today.  To promote the left.  To ignore stories and human suffering that in any way hinders the left.  To attack and eliminate anyone who stands in the way of the left.  And that includes those vaunted parents who only recently were so important to their children's educational formation. 

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