Friday, February 4, 2022

Mark Shea spent most of March for Life weekend trashing the March for Life

New Prolife Catholic activist Mark Shea spent much time during the March for Life ripping into the March for Life this year.  Why?  Because of the vaccines of course.  If you ignore last year, it's obvious that if we get the shot, we stop the spread. That's what they said last year.  Nothing has happened to call that into question.  Various statistics continually taken out of context prove this is correct.  If you disagree, how can you be pro-life?  Right?  Right?  Anyone?  

Of course not.  By now, insisting that the current vaccines will Stop the Spread or End Covid is like insisting the moon is made of cheese.  As I said here, when more people in the ICU with Covid have been vaccinated than are unvaccinated, it's time to pull the ripcord on the sales pitch.  That is true even if they manage to find just the right stat that keeps the narrative alive.  

By now medical pros are admitting there needs to be a different approach to the vaccines than the current one, along with reports showing that other measures for fighting Covid may have done more harm than good. You just can't keep screaming 'GET THE SHOT NOW!' and not sound like Trelane at the end of The Squire of Gothos.  

That Mark chose not to pray with the marchers despite disagreements, but attack them with unchristian vitriol and character assassination, along with his his usual broadsides against his typical bogeyman villains, is a shame.  Such is "apologetics" in the Internet age I suppose. 

Mark's version of being authentically New Prolife: 

Mark is, sadly, not alone.  Echoing the Left's general premise that it's impossible not to be a leftist and not be a stupid racist, one of Mark's old Patheos mentors chimes in with similar thoughts:

Note the condemnation of someone daring to suggest Catholics should not be partisan thralls.  Heh.  That's always made me laugh, the old 'Stop being divisive and conform to my party!'. Note also that there is nothing Ms. Keating said that that suggests she claims Pro-Life means pure and sinless living.  Putting words into people's mouths being another old favorite.  I'll assume that he also sees no racism, impoverishment or oppression on his particular side of the tracks?  Hard to say.  I doubt saying it would do any good anyway. 

FWIW, I was sent this picture while getting ready to post this:

It's our former priest, braving wind chills in the single digits to pray for an end the extermination of unborn babies by the tens of millions to slake our lust for an endless drugs and sex culture in the age of AIDS.  I don't normally post pics of non-family who we know, just because.  But it was a wonderful shot of devotion to God's abiding care for the least of these.  As for me and my house, we'll gladly side with our former priest's Catholicism rather than that thing Conway and Shea call Catholicism. 

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