Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Back when Truck Protesters were all the rage

You mean truck protests were cool once?
One of the earliest news stories I remember was when our governor - Governor Gilligan - authorized the national guard to break up protests being carried out by truckers in the early 1970s.  I don't mind admitting that one reason the story jumped out at me was because it brought the name of our governor to my attention.  You can bet why his name was something that made an impression on a young kid in those days. 

In addition to the name connection, his actions also angered my dad.  Though the railroad and truckers unions didn't always work and play well, my dad was a union labor man all the way.  Whether it was Reagan with the Air Traffic Controllers, Elizabeth Dole with curtailing a railroad strike, or Gilligan with the truckers, my dad would typically side with labor, especially if it was the little guy. 

In those days, most of our country seemed to side with the little guy as well. Heck, the trucker protests weren't just effective, they actually made truckers into a sort of national cult hero.  Trucker culture became the thing.  All of a sudden CBs and Trucker Movies were everywhere.  We actually had trucker music (an acquired taste for sure).  

But it was good to rage against the machine back then.  Rebels and revolutionaries were always the heroes.  When we learned about early American history, the Founding Fathers were presented as the rebels with a cause, sticking it to the establishment monarchy, and fighting against button down colonial society. 

Ah, seems like old times, don't it.  Now we're seeing a clear line drawn.  If you want to protest in a way that dost glorify the Leftist State, then riot away.  Burn, loot, desecrate, vandalize, assault and even kill - and you're good.  We'll call that peaceful protesting. 

If, however, you dare challenge the Leftist State, then you are now an enemy of said state.  Initially it was through social and cultural mockery and intimidation.  Then it became a matter of corporate intimidation and threats of lawsuits or job loss.  Now it's time to just cut the silliness and get to the point.  If you don't fall in line behind the State, then it's the authorities, including police and even military, who will pay you a visit. 

Justin Trudeau has set the bar.  While we Americans have certain measures of protection in place that Canada doesn't have, I wouldn't count on that too much longer.  I'm reminded of a CBS report on Memorial Day, 2018, that found over 40% of Americans believe it's time to retire that crusty old racist slave document called the Constitution.  That's the point of anti-white racism.  If it's white, it's racist.  And if that includes such notions as equality, liberty and even the Constitution, then it's time for those things to go.  And once gone?  Well, look to the north young man.  

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