Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Pope Francis embraces one of the Left's most important weapons

The weapon of division.  The perpetual 'us vs. them' or 'me vs. you' mentality.  It is part of the anti-Western revolution's primary strategy.  First learn to hate America and the West.  Then learn to hate yourselves.  Finally learn to hate each other. 

I've said many times that I've seldom known a religious figure to spend so much time constantly calling out the sins of 'those believer over there.'  He has practically based his papacy on that. 

More than that, he has encouraged a generation of Catholics to continually thank God, or at least Pope Francis, that they aren't a bunch of rigid reprobates like those Catholics over there.  Almost as if on cue, when Pope Francis blasts some other Catholics, these Francis Catholics will take to the digital world and rejoice that he has once again called out those other sinful slops who are the problem. 

Thus once again, Pope Francis embraces the 'you ladies and them men fight' call of old feminism and tells nuns to fight when treated unfairly by 'men' of the Church.  Not unfairly by the Church.  But specifically 'men' of the Church.  Those dirty, nasty men.  And the world rejoices there's a pope like Pope Francis. 

Group A vs. Group B is key of course.  Today the number of groups who must be at each others' throats is legion, for they are many.  Pope Francis either misses this fact, or rejoices in it.  And always knowing, apparently, that wherever the groups fall, he will always be among the groups with a star on their bellies. I wager this because he so seldom bothers with the first person plural in his appraisal of the Church's problems, but almost always uses the third person plural. 


  1. Listen to that podcast yet? "It always starts as 'Marxism subordinate to scripture' and eventually becomes 'Marxism to subordinate scripture.'"

    1. Yep. The SBC has been in a tailspin for a while. People like Russ Moore were put in leadership and they began moving the denomination to the left years ago, far before 2016. Since then, many have jumped ship, but only after dragging the SBC through the media mud. It is similar to what's happening under Pope Francis. But then, it seems to be common across the Faith right now.

  2. Yes, Cor Orans was definitely a male attack on contemplative nuns...

    He is such a fraud.

    1. To be honest, I couldn't tell you what that was about. It's enough that Pope Francis talks about employees in the company I worked for - he knows which catch phrases and trigger words to use for maximum impact.


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