Friday, February 18, 2022

USA Today Fact Checkers as modern snake oil saleswomen

Heh.  I mean this was funny.  Stop where you are.  Go pop some popcorn and get a box of candy or two.  When you do, come back and click on this link right here

I won't say much.  I laughed out loud at the Partly False rating after USA Today admitted it couldn't find proof the claims were false.  

The Claims: 100K trucker protesters and no burning builds or injuries.

USA TODAY: Unable to verify numbers, but doesn't look like 100K.  And some arrest were made and a police car rammed, with armed people showing up.

Conclusion: Partly False

Bwa ha ha ha ha!  

The worst thing, though?  There are actual people who cling to these "Fact Checkers" as if they're gospel evangelists.  


  1. They cited sources at the end of the article. Did you persue them?

    1. Not all of them. Enough of them to see what they were clearly trying to do, and that's find any way to deflect from a failure of the convoy protests to live up to the initial attacks of being racist, fascists who were going to bring death and destruction in their wake - like the peaceful protests of 2020 that were universally lauded and praised by many of the same fact checking media outlets.


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