Monday, February 14, 2022

If this doesn't encourage a Russian invasion of Ukraine

 Nothing will:

America is already a 2nd World nation.  Our economy is sort running on momentum.  Most of what we produce today is garbagio, as my sons call it.  Like they also say, they've never known a time in their life when their peers didn't consider the phrase 'good old American craftsmanship' to be a punch line.

Our military and law enforcement are following suit.  That's a big reason my third oldest decided not to go into law enforcement.  He decided to follow a different path when one of his trainers said they had to be taught stupid things that could endanger their lives because they have to suck up to the Party. 

As the above image shows, the military is the same.  I don't know how it has been recently, but for a few years - those years when my sons were considering the possibility of joining the military - there was a spate of accidents, disasters, and deaths that seemed to be wrapped around a lack of concern about such things as quality of training. But the importance of white hate and abstract genital identities is clearly being emphasized. 

No.  We're watching the old girl die.  Or, more likely, we're realizing now that the old girl died some time ago.  What things will look like in the future, I don't know.  

The powers of the coming dark ages (R) confront the brave leaders of the dead West (L)

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