Tuesday, February 15, 2022

White principal sent to reeducation camp

This story popped up here in the Buckeye State.  Two principals were suddenly put on leave.  No other information.  Nothing was said.  No reason given.  In Central Ohio, that got people talking.  What happened?  What did they do?  Was it connected?  Was it sordid?  Inquiring minds wanted to know. 

We still don't know everything.  But later last week, local stories broke that one of the principals was going back to work.  There was still going to be an investigation, but she would be able to return to the school.

An investigation of what?  Don't know.  All that has been said is an investigation into 'potentially culturally insensitive' remarks.  Note just how vague that is.  Remember what I said about being in a public position.  You will say things wrong.  In a sane age of values and principles, that wouldn't hurt very often beyond a slap on the wrist at best.

In our bat crazy nation of tyranny and post-liberty prejudice endorsed, it can be lethal.  With all of this,  hwoever, what really jumped out at me was a paragraph a little way down in the story:

“Regardless of the outcome of the independent investigation and the subsequent decisions to be made by the Superintendent and the Board of Education, Mrs. Tennebaum will receive additional cultural sensitivity training and has expressed her commitment to further atone for her actions.”

You see that?  Regardless of the outcome, she will have to undergo additional reeducation and brainwashing.  Regardless of outcome.  That is, whether she is guilty or not, she will have to be reeducated.  Because of what?  If she is innocent, she didn't do anything wrong, correct?  Why send her to the reeducation camp? 

In this case, they've all but said guilty or innocent, she's guilty and must be taken down a notch.  Guilty of what?  Only her skin color, unless it's her gender, which I doubt.  This is a warning shot to all who would disobey.  You may be deemed guilty because of what you see in the mirror, much less your actions, so you had best walk on egg shells.  After all, if innocence gets you punished, how much more will any perceived slight of the Party's dictates?  

It puts me in mind of the Kavanaugh hearings.  Remember when Senator Cory Booker utter the immortal phrase that it wasn't a matter of guilt or innocence?  Remember when the very Jesuit rag America withdrew its support of Kavanaugh, whether he was guilty or not?  

Again, America and the age of democracy died years ago.  It was already in hospice, but the plug was pulled during the Obama years.  We just missed it.  Trump was the cremation when, using Trump as SatanHitler incarnate, the plutocracy convinced enough Americans that all of America and its ideals of equality, liberty and democracy needs burned to save the world from Trump.  And it's likely we won't go back.  


  1. As always with Shea, he drops a deuce and you say 'huh?'. After all these years, the man lives completely within his madcap internal dialogue.

    1. Yep, you must have meant the one above about Mark and the white college students pretending to not be white. Mark certainly lives in a madcap world of insane unreality, but the worst part is - and why it's worth noticing his rants - he echoes what many mainstream on the Left think and say.

  2. One thing that bothers you about these stories is the co-operation of elected officials. The school board and the superintendent and the DIE apparat in his office need to be sent packing ASAP.

    1. That is absolutely the case. That's my beef and why I harp on the Left so much. I would never say no conservative is able to be wrong. Nor would I deny that old time racism still exists. But you aren't going to have someone accuse a black woman and see her punished by the school simply because she's black. You will see it done, as in this case, to a white woman. Because that's the prejudice our institutions now embrace.


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