Sunday, February 6, 2022

Stepping back

What it feels like blogging about the West's crazy suicide
There comes a time.  I've posted a few times before that I was setting aside the blog.  Yet as soon as I did, some bat nuts crazy thing happened and brought me back to the keyboard.   

I think the last time was the Kavanaugh hearings.  Right about that time I chose to step away.  It was around that time I heard Trump had nominated a fellow many conservatives were none too happy about.

Then came the lynch mob.  The idea that the Dems would try to destroy someone over such allegations was nothing new.  But the accusations themselves were so threadbare it was stunning.  The obvious fact that they had been held in reserve to be exploited on cue was also appalling.

What was most shocking, however, was that for the first time in my adult life, politicians, media pundits and even religious leaders appeared fine with saying it isn't a case of guilt or innocence.  It's about not offending pro-abortion women.  If an innocent man and his reputation must be destroyed, so be it.  Furthermore, we need to stop thinking that worn out concepts like burden of proof, presumption of innocence and due process apply to anything but old, dusty courtrooms.  In the new world, your guilt or innocence is based purely on group identity and the group identity of the accuser. 

That was an eye opener, make no mistake.  It was also a realization that America had already died, we just missed the funeral. Since then, I've kept a fairly consistent blogging schedule, trying to keep up with the crazy and the shadows. That so many conservatives and even conservative Christian leaders threw in the towel and joined the rise of Mordor kept me here.  I watched as our pope and Church leadership made it clear there was a new power in the East, and if we have to burn authentic Christianity to the ground to keep getting high fives at the best parties, so be it. The true enemies will be those who still think Christ has some bearing on the World's salvation and that Christian morality is a thing.

That kept many people paying attention, as it did me.  Nonetheless, times change. At this point it's clear the battle is over.  I've said before that you can tell the emerging order sees the battle won, and is more or less engaging in mop up operations.  The GOP is generally useless.  And those who cling to the historical Christian Faith and the belief that God was working through the course of Western Civilization will increasingly find themselves in the role of a Christian diaspora. 

Nonetheless, I still might have kept chasing cars and yelling at trees if life itself wasn't changing.  As I said, my second youngest is engaged to a right fine young woman - the wedding date being forthcoming.  Likewise, my wife recently got a long deserved promotion to VP at her company.  A nice bump in pay, but with extra cash comes extra obligations.  As my mom needs more direct care, and the boys are moving up and beginning to move on, it's demanding more and more of my time. That's time we want to spend with each other before the long awaited empty nest begins to emerge.  Plus, I'm always in the market for anything I can do to bring in a few dollars here and there while watching over the homestead, and that also puts demands on time.

All of that means I won't be able to keep up the pace I've been running on since the days of the Kavanaugh lynch mob crazy.  Not that it does much good, and I wonder if those who would resist the new world order need to pull away from Social Media since it doesn't seem to work for us as much as for those in alliance with this new order.  The real resistance might need to be outside the modern world of digital and Internet madness.  I don't know.  

I just know it will be tough for me to keep up with things.  If my writing merely consists of typing off the top of my head and hitting spell check, I do spend quite a lot of time reading and researching to find out about what's happening and what to comment on.  I try not to be the type who comments on an article that I clearly haven't read.  Or wade into a topic I've not looked into beyond a FB headline.  But reading and scouring for stories takes time.  It's likely why I've recently settled more and more on just commenting on Twitter posts and FB posts that people bring to my attention.  Which is fine as far as it goes.  But it doesn't really do much but become part of the problem, if you think on it. 

So instead of announcing some big retirement from the blog, I'm merely backing off.  A couple times a week perhaps.  Monday and Friday?  Wednesday and Tuesday?  Once a week?  Or just when I can get to it?  I dunno. Beginning this week I'll will drop the daily output to more manageable levels in order to devote more to the demands of family and changing fortunes. 

I'll still keep up with things to a degree, especially those things which reinforce my gnawing suspicion that our Catholic leadership desperately wants to go the way of Mainline Protestants denominations and ditch this silly old fairy tale of Gods born in mangers and get back to partying with the secular pagan Joneses.  I might try to think on the overall trends, rather than just chase the latest headline or FB post.  Of course I reserve the right to post fun things dealing with the family, friends and other parts of life that make it worth the living.

Unlike those times in the past, this isn't a decision I've made just because I'm tired of the blogging world. This time it's a case of being unable to keep up as life changes.  Again, I'll try to post somewhat , be it once or twice a week, just to encourage myself to keep up with what's happening in the world.  If nothing else, blogging on issues does demand following the news, FWIW.  But that will be that.  As I see so many have backed off from their output from days of yore, I can see why.  So I'll be around, just not as often as before.  I'll see everyone in the meantime. 


  1. Goes for writers too:

  2. "It was also a realization that America had already died, we just missed the funeral." If you've never read CITY OF GOD by St. Augustine, I recommend it. One of the points he makes is that the "Roman Republic" was defined in ideal terms, and most writers seemed to think it had ended recently, usually right about the time they were born or perhaps just as they became adults -- but that in fact, by the ideal terms used to define it, the Roman Republic had never actually existed. And so it is with our republic. It can provide some useful perspective to read what one of the greatest minds of antiquity and one of the greatest saints ever thought about it when his own world was crashing down.

    1. It's been many years, but yeah, I read it. Back in my seminary days. I've never fooled myself that the US - or the West - is eternal. Nonetheless, nobody wants to be in a civilization when it cashes in its chips.

  3. I hear you. I would say this, though--I think blogging is of more value than Tweeting or posting something on MetaBook. The shrunken profile of blogs with the rise of social media has made them more viable as places for genuine though, at least for the moment. Fewer torches and pitchforks, at a minimum.

    As to the regime running the Catholic Church, you have diagnosed them fairly well. I would throw in the fact that the clerical caste is too often a lonely hearts club for unfaithful gay men is one of the primary causes of this shift. And the Jesuit order is Exhibit A for this reality. Now that a progressive has absolute power, they will pursue their sterile dreams to inevitable shipwreck.

    All of which is to say that I am ever more convinced that the anti-Latin western church needs desperately to reconnect to her eastern roots. Asceticism, respect for the liturgy as a shared inheritance and not the plaything of experts, and genuine limits on central power are going to be mandatory for the survival of the western moral heritage. Of course, the east needs the best of the west, too, but that's for another time.

    1. I don't get near TWitter. I feel that has done more damage to the language and communication than anything.

      But that's well said. Survival is the point right now. Keeping the best of the inheritance alive in the dark ages. The Church was able to do it before, I'm sure it can again. It's just this time a major opponent of trying may be many who are leaders in the same Church.


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