Saturday, February 19, 2022

Anti-Racism is about exploiting racism and injecting it into everything

 It's also a quick way for blacks to deflect from personal responsibility. So I saw this:

To be black in America? It's one of many posts and stories that have erupted ever since Ms. Richardson cried racism after the young Russian phenom Kamila Valieva was reinstated after initial disciplinary actions over a failed drug test. 

Here's the thing.  The two casers are as different as night and apples.  Far be it for me to think a Russian athlete is incapable of using banned substances, or that Russia could never be behind an athlete doing so.  But it still remains to be seen what will happen here.  As of now she was allowed back because of claims the substances and the situation did not rise to the occasion of punishing her.  We'll see.  If it comes around she did wrong, they can always remove her medals, which they sometimes do. 

Ms. Richardson, on the other hand, admitted to using marijuana, which has been a no-no since I was in sports back when MTV still played videos. I get that we're trying to legalize drugs, since nothing will help a dying nation more than getting as many people high as possible.  I also get that punishing someone over this flies in the face of our 'no rules, just right - especially if it feels good' post-war morality.

Nonetheless, she broke the rules.  She paid the price.  She admitted she had done so to cope with the pressures.  It had nothing to do with her being black.  Other athletes have faced the same penalties when it comes to banned substances - white, black, or whatever.  Lance Armstrong anyone? 

The fact that Ms. Richardson jumped on this to make it about race was bad enough.  Again, if you give people an easy out - no matter how wrong or destructive it is - they'll often take it.  Especially if doing so will put you back into the 15 minutes of fame cycle. 

But note how it has become an attack - on America!  I hope they do know this is being done by the Olympic committee, not the Republican Party.  That it involves a Russian athlete, not a white American.  That it's at the Olympics in China, not Alabama.  That this decision has bupkis to do with America, which would be happy to see Ms. Valiena removed from the competition, if Machiavellian sportsmanship is in play. 

Personally I'm more inclined to see a Russian athlete given a pass in the Chinese Olympics as a factor of China pressuring for the Russians in light of growing tensions with Russia and NATO.  That's just me.  Not saying that's the case, but if I had to choose. 

But the current doctrine of Anti-Racism insists we see as ever and always American racism and skin color as race skin color and color skin race - and that's all.  There simply can be no other explanations, because there is no other aspect of human existence worth acknowledging but race/skin color in America.  Therefore if three Mongolians rape and murder a Nigerian in Bolivia, it must prove the Founding Fathers were white supremacists because of course it does. The essence of anti-racist doctrine in the 21st Century. 


  1. Her accusing the Olympics of racism is absurd, bit as for the legalisation of drugs, would that really be a big deal? Drugs are already widespread and causing major harm. If we decriminalized drugs, all the money spent on narcotics police could be spent on addiction recovery instead. Legalisation of drugs would probably make drugs easier to fight against.

    1. The legalization of drugs is a touchy subject with me. I fear legalizing drugs would simply make drug addiction more widespread. And as anyone who has had the sad misfortune to work with drug addiction knows, it's like no other addiction. Once you're on drugs, you're forever on drugs in a way only the worst addicts with other substances will ever know. Your life will be spent fighting the addiction. Anything that would lead to more of that I'd have a hard time supporting.

    2. Obviously drugs are bad. I wasn't questioning that.

    3. I wouldn't have assumed you were. I merely explain why I don't think legalizing them will do anything other than create far more harm and suffering than good.


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