Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Media conditioning and the Pavlovian Left

So news outlets erupted over the story that a Tennessee Board has banned a Holocaust Book.

To give credit where it is due, the BBC provided a link to the actual school board minutes.  Which was good. I actually read them and, you know what?  It's about whether a book like that is appropriate for the particular age group.  

Note, however, the headlines:

Even The Grey Lady has jumped on the bandwagon:

Barely a mention about why.  

Instead, note the heavy emphasis on Holocaust novel, book, what have you.  In fairness, a couple of the headlines point out it has nothing to do with the subject in question.  Something everyone in the board meeting agreed needs taught.  It has to do with the appropriateness of the approach for that age group, as well as concern over the language and general presentation.  A common topic over the years.  In a sane age, this barely makes it out of the board meeting, it being a local discussion. 

But ours is not a sane age in the least.  Ours is an age where the emerging plutocracy knows it has friends in our cultural outlets who know how to condition and train people to respond to trigger words like 'ban, Holocaust, Tennessee (Americans, southern state), white', and so on  The facts or context of the discussion are of no particular concern.  When you're whipping people into a frenzy, the less obsession about such technicalities the better. 

The funny thing about this frenzy is the subtle assumption that banning a book is bad in and of itself.  We live in an age of endless book, movie, television show, art, and speech banning and punishing.  Ray Bradbury never envisioned a world like ours.  I don't go a week without hearing something being banned, pulled or outright censored.   It's just you typically don't hear it from the MSM.  For instance, a school board in Washington has voted to ban To Kill a Mockingbird.  The reason?  Racially insensitive and 'White Saviorhood.'  That is, a white person somehow helped a black person and that's so racist.  

Note the media outlets covering this.  Except for Newsweek, they are largely local or conservative leaning outlets.  No MSM.  No BBC.  No international outcry.  No media feeding frenzy.  Why?  Because this is the good censorship.  It helps reinforce the anti-white, anti-western, anti-liberty and democracy agenda the Left is clearly pushing.  If it's white - like Democracy or freedom of speech - it's bad.  That's the ultimate Pavlovian response they are striving for. 

Nonetheless, the national press wouldn't want to draw attention to that sort of censorship and thought control now would it?  After all, it's the Left's censorship and thought control.  Plus by not reporting the almost weekly list of banned and censored materials by the Left, it can appear all that more appalling when the global press draws attention to a similar action taken by the not-Left. 

Is it working? Well, the results speak for themselves. 

Note how he frames it.  Exclusively as Republicans when we have no clue about the politics of all those involved in the meeting.   But does Mark care about facts?  Apparently not, since he frames it as a vote on Holocaust Remembrance Day in some horrible breach of decency, driven exclusively by its lust for white supremacist Nazi racism.  
The fact that the board meeting, and the vote, took place on January 10 doesn't appear to bother Mark. My guess is that the press had the story in their pockets all along and purposefully held it for that day just to get such Markresponse.  It wouldn't surprise me.  

Nonetheless, there are people who quickly abandon concern for facts, data, truth, reality or other such formalities.  Point them to the enemy and attack.  That's all that's needed when dealing with conditioned attack dogs.  That's why attempts to reason or negotiate with them is hopeless.  

It's a bit like this old Far Side cartoon (ah, I do miss the old Far Side):

Judging from various posts on Social Media, as well as the MSM coverage itself, it's quite effective.  Even as Mockingbird gets banned, the fact is that 'blah,blah,blah,blah Holocaust book blah,blah,blah,blah banned, blah,blah,blah,balh Tennessee school board' is all that's needed.  The conclusion can only be Republicans who are white supremacists are censoring history.

For people radical fanatics and zealous activists, the Left merely needs to say stuff and white and stuff and right and that's it.  The Leftwing Party's dutiful will fill in the details right or wrong.  Facts are entirely irrelevant.  The only thing that matters is obedience to the Left and destruction of its enemies.  I'll leave it to others to reflect on the irony of this deliberate frenzy centered around Holocaust Remembrance Day.

BONUS UPDATE NBC swoops in with a scare story about all those books on race and sexuality being banned in Texas.  Of course not a week goes by that movies, books, shows, art, poems, historical figures and names and a host of links to Western Tradition aren't banned, pulled, abolished, eliminated or removed by everyone from Amazon to museums, schools, universities or even churches.  But where is NBC, other than cheering when it's one more step toward eliminating all of that pesky Western Democracy stuff?  Let books showing children explicit sexuality or suggesting that some ethnic groups should be judged based on skin color, however, and you'd think Hitler was in Texas.  

Did I mention only fools and hacks would ever believe the modern news media at this point? 

UPDATE: Speaking of who would ever believe the modern news media, we see another example of its effectivenss on the post-truth partisanship in the modern world:

Yep.  Facts are no more relevant than snipe hunting.  That Mark is wrong is as much beside the point as any other facts that don't buttress the media's agenda.  And the press knows there are people like that out there, hence why they continue doing what they do.  Remember what I've said, propaganda is not only for the weak minded, but also for the willing minded.  


  1. Oh it gets even better because Mark had to double down it, TWICE more.

    1. Barking mad insanity and mental issues. Again, somewhere between Waco and Jonestown levels. It's just that instead of others drinking his Kool-Aid, I think he continually drinks theirs.


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