Thursday, February 24, 2022

The only way John Oliver can disappoint me

 Is if I have any expectations going into his monologues:

As it is, I never do. Like all late night thralls of the liberal state, Oliver is there to attack and defend.  In this case, he no doubt joins the broadening media assault on parents who dare challenge the leftwing indoctrination in our schools. 

Here, Oliver takes on the role of defending Critical Race Theory, which both does and doesn't exist, and must be taught in schools except nobody wants it taught in schools or you're a racist.   Which is about on par for modern liberal reasoning.  

The fact that anyone claiming the title of carbon based would put any value in something like Oliver's opinion shows to what state our society has fallen. 


  1. I had to look him up. I could not even tell you who replaced Letterman or Leno, so a guy with a late night gig on HBO basically does not exist in my universe, kind of like the US women's national soccer team. (I saw a headline about them throwing their "weight" in opposition to the Texas governor, which indicated to me that they must still exist.)

    1. I know of him largely through links I'm sent or sites I follow. Usually people fussing at the ignorance or naked thralldom of him and the other once known as comedians. But I notice it because of the growing trend across various media outlets. You can almost see the telegram: demonize dissenting parents. Stop. Circle the wagons around leftwing indoctrination in our schools. Stop.


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