Friday, February 4, 2022

She forgot to mention left of liberal


Speaking of self-awareness:

This sort of thing makes me itch.  As if she's giving some unbiased, neutral appraisal.  A quick glance at her Twitter feed shows the typical leftwing templates: 

  • Non-left equals white supremacist
  • Non-left equals racist
  • Non-left equals oppression
  • Get the vaccine no matter what we've discovered

And on and on.  The usual assumption that it's impossible to be a non-leftist and not be a stupid white racist.  Therefore you can guess how she portrays those trucker protests, as so many immediately have done - including the good political leaders in Canada. 

It's fine that someone is left of Lenin liberal. That's on them.  But to leave that out of the supposedly qualifying post, as if what we're about to hear is the unvarnished, unbiased truth, smacks of either a lack of self-awareness on this young lady's part, or duplicity of the highest order. 

The only thing worse is how many apparently lapped up everything she said like a thirsty dog. 

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