Thursday, February 24, 2022

The English language can't describe how much I hate this

I saw the headline pop up and wondered what it could be.  Some big case everyone is talking about?  A woman assaulted a 10 year old?  Hmmmm.  So I clicked it to see what it was about.

This is what it was about.

I hate that so much.  It wasn't a woman.  It was a man with the troubled idea that he's a woman who assaulted a 10 year old girl and got a slap on the wrist.  To make the pelvic brigade look even worse, he openly mocked the girl over his sentencing as if the joke was on her.  

Remember, societal madness is a gateway drug for tyranny

Now, that's nasty stuff.  And in a sane world that has nothing to do with the Gospel, much less one that has any familiarity with the Gospel, things would be different. 

As it is, notice the headline.  Woman.  No my dude, it's not a woman.  It's a man.  And it was a 10 year old GIRL.  The headline apparently couldn't say that because, well, you don't want to draw attention to an actual girl when you're trying to insist that man in the photo is a woman because he says so. 

That's barking man insanity./  That our multi-billion dollar a year mental health industry continues to laugh all the way to the bank over this is bad enough.  But it's not the MH industry, or rascally liberals, or the godless, or the Marxists, or whoever else you blame, that bothers me the most. 

What bothers me is the army of Christian Court Prophets who are twisting and turning and torturing common sense, the Gospel, and basic human decency in order to accommodate this madness.  Look at my old buddy Russ Moore and how he frames it under the idea that biblical gender is a complex thing.  Oh, boys and girls and all, but violence against transgenderism is out of the question. As if there are only two options - attack transgenders or cozy up to it all.  Unlike with white conservatives and conservative male Trump supporters, we should reach out to the transgender community with love and joy and inclusion.

Court prophets.  They make up the bulk of Christian leaders nowadays, as they often have over the ages. The problem is that now they're sucking up to a movement that seems driven by the goal of taking everything God ever revealed and turning it on its head.  While millions of Christians will gladly toss the old aside and affirm whatever this movement says, it will be the Court Prophets who really mess things up.  

Whether it's because they have lost their faith, or they're cowards, or they don't want to lose their cushy corner offices in Manhattan high rises, I don't know.  I just know they'll appear to be the voices of reason.  But what they are doing is simply putting a down payment on Sunday mornings so the rest of the week can be spent partying with the World like its 2099.  

Then the messenger who went to call Micaiah spoke to him, saying, “Behold, all the prophets, speaking in one accord, are saying good things to the king. Come now, and let your word be as theirs, and speak good things.”  1 Kings 22.13


  1. So much I can't say because we're on a christian blog. I'll just post this.

    And say that my ongoing biggest problem with the whole transtrender movement is that they never have any system set up, nor want to discuss the matter of setting up one, to weed out or stop abusers of this new society overhaul they are proposing.

    1. No, that's the worst part. Beyond the whole lunacy of it all, they simply throw common sense out the window and then try to cover up when the logical happens and abusing the loopholes leads to rape and assault and worse.

  2. Whether it's because they have lost their faith, or they're cowards, or they don't want to lose their cushy corner offices in Manhattan high rises, I don't know.

    And I think a lot of it is just weaponized compassion. "Whatever you do to the least of these you do to Me," as the Lord said. So a lot of these groups have figured out that if they paint themselves as the least then anything less than complete catering to their whims is harm and abuse and against the Christian faith. It's a brilliant abusive strategy because how do you then argue against it without coming off as a horrible person?

    1. Yep. That was one of the most brilliant tactics in the whole wreck of the West. I don't know when it started. I know in the 70s any challenge at all to anything feminism was framed as a chauvinist attack that clearly wanted women barefoot and pregnant, if not subjected to a patriarchal rape culture. Then came the gay rights movement. Anything less than full support was framed as code for wanting all homosexuals dead. Worse, it was also implanted in homosexuals that their sole identity was their sexuality, so anything but full affirmation was a call for them to end their unworthy lives. Suicide became a completely logical reaction to anyone not agreeing with them. And who wants to advocate a rapist society or cause people to commit suicide?

      That we allowed that to happens speaks more to those who said they were resisting than those advocating the positions.

  3. Moore was at one time on the masthead of Touchstone. They haven't published anything by him in about 10 years.

    Many clergymen would do their jobs better if they said almost nothing apart from reading from a standard lectionary. Moore is among them.

    1. Not having a lectionary comes with the whole Evangelical gig. I used to say the best thing about not having a lectionary was being able to focus on what you wanted. The bad thing was, of course, being able to focus on what you wanted.

      But Moore was a former classmate, and most of us saw him, and Greg Thornbury, as most likely to become CEO of SBC corp if Evangelicals had CEOs. In Moore's case, he appeared forever be led in exactly the direction the wind was blowing. Though I often wondered back then if he was as happy with the gung-ho Calvinist fundamentalist swing in the convention as so many others were.

  4. Maybe this will help.

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