Tuesday, September 8, 2020

There are times when something is so stupid

You wonder if it's really a joke that you're missing.  So I was shown this on Facebook.  Apparently the whole ownership of dogs is racist, at least when white people do it. 

I know.  That is so stupid it must be a put-on. It has to be someone writing to lampoon the modern racist idiocy sweeping the nation - and the world: The idea that the Nazis were right, they just had the wrong ethnic group.  It turns out the Caucasian race (euphemistically called white in an alway pejorative manner), rather than Jews, is alone evil and wicked and a pox upon humanity in serious need for exterminating.  This article, perhaps, is trying to mock this racist and ludicrously evil notion by taking it to the most absurd extremes.  By suggesting somehow that it was evil of whites to steal the idea of domesticating dogs by virtue of their inherently evil whiteness, he might cause us to laugh at what we're seeing our elites and leaders advocate.  By saying that dogs and humanity continue to suffer because of the blight of the white race almost destroys the possibility of parody, so it must be a joke. 

Or he means it.  He, a man who looks whiter than a KKK sheet sale, is actually buying into the idea that once you label an entire ethnic group inherently reprobate, you can then say anything and everything to do with that ethnic group is therefore inherently reprobate.  Your only hope as part of that ethnic group, then, is calling for the eradication of everything linked to that ethnic group in the hopes that you will be spared the inevitable trip to the showers.  

Or it's a joke.  I just can't tell nowadays. 

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