Thursday, September 3, 2020

Good for him

Jack Denton, who was a member of Florida State University's student senate, was thrown out because of his Catholic Faith.   He was caught expressing his Faith's beliefs as they relate to BLM and other issues, such as sexuality.   Because he expressed those in a private chat, it was discovered and he was ousted. 

I have no idea about the details or the legalities.  I don't know if the student senate can secret police its members and dismiss them because of their religious beliefs or not.  I just know this is helpful in exposing the death of American liberalism.   

Remember, "the Left" is still associated with liberalism, and the two are often mentioned in the same breath.  I know I've done it.  Most I know who are on the Left prefer 'liberal' to describe their positions.  And yet, this sort of inquisition Mccarthyism is hell and gone from what liberalism has insisted it was all about since the early 20th century.  In fact, liberalism was the antithesis of this. 

Everything we're seeing that is being promoted by 'the Left' in the 21st Century is what liberalism once condemned and fought against.  Consider how my whole life I heard 'it's wrong to judge, It's Wrong to Judge, IT'S WRONG TO JUDGE!'   Now look at what we're doing to anyone who doesn't conform to the Left's dogmas.   Look at the judgmentalism needed to destroy them memorials, statues and tributes to Americans from generations gone by.  The same thing with the all important concepts of tolerance, diversity and respecting diverse opinions and beliefs we heard liberals talks so much about for all those years. 

Warning flags should go up when a movement that spent nigh on a hundreds years insisting it only wants a nation where all animals are equal suddenly insists we must begin acknowledging that some animals are more equal than others.  Whatever happens with this lawsuit is beyond me.  But it should be one more in a growing pile of warning signs about the country we're becoming; a country this 'Left' wants to be. 

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