Thursday, September 17, 2020

Good for President Trump

I didn't vote for Trump in 2016.  For the first time since I was able to vote, I willingly left the office of president blank.  I may do the same again.  

And  yet I give credit where it is due.   President Trump is threatening to withhold funding from schools that teach the Soviet sounding anti-American propaganda piece The 1619 Project.  The purpose of the propaganda piece is to reframe America as founded in 1619, not 1776, and founded purely on evil: racism, slavery, and genocide.  The whole of the US is nothing but a historical precurser to Naziism, and nothing more.  The Soviets couldn't have produced a better hit piece.  Who knows, the Soviets may be doing it now. 

In any event, Trump has rightly said that our public schools will not be used as indoctrination camps teaching children to hate America, the American heritage, our founding principles and the Western Tradition.   Which is good.  We know from when Obama threatened to withhold funding from schools that failed to glorify the abstract genitals and the post-boy/girl world of transgender dogmas, that threatening schools with funding is a beautiful thing.  After all, when Obama announced this, utilizing pen and phone to do so, there was much rejoicing and praise of his wonderful name. 

So President Trump merely continues what Obama was so willing to do to the cheers of journalists and pundits everywhere.  Only this time, I think the cause is better.  That's just me, an old conservative partisan. 

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