Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Left is the fascism that liberals once warned us about

With all due respect to my former classmate Russ Moore and his oft quoted jab 'The religious right turns out to be the people the religious right warned us about.'  Technically, Russ's observation is not true.  Evangelicals today are what those who stood outside of the Religious Right once warned would happen to Evangelicalism if things didn't change.  That was before Russ and some of his compatriots became the type of accommodating and compromising Christians that Russ and other Conservative Evangelicals once warned us about.

But enough of this parlor game.  The point is that the revolution we call The Left is not liberal at all.  It is hell and gone from liberal.  In almost every way, the Left now embodies everything that liberalism once told us was wrong, evil, dangerous and a threat do life and freedom.  It is now the embodiment of all the McCarthyism and fascism and Orwellian oppression liberals once warned us would spiral into 'a new Naziism' if The Right took over.  We see this happening more and more. 

We see it in the Left's self righteous purging of movies, books, art, religious art and music due to those products' unacceptable messages, or even unacceptable ethnic origins. We see it in the Left's insistence that we must judge and evaluate and even segregate based on a host of demographic labels including, but not limited to, skin color.  We see it as the Left calls for punishment of speech, religious practice and non-conforming activities and exercises that run afoul of leftist dogma.  And we see it in the Left's growing support for, if not championing of, violence, assault and even killing in the name of eliminating those who oppose the Left

This last one is the most recent in a long line of stunning reversals on the part of the Left as it becomes more and more what liberalism once stood against.  Assuming that most liberals identify with the Left by virtue of it being the Left and not the Right, it's amazing to see.  When I was growing up, violence was verboten.  From Hawkeye Pierce to Phil Donahue, from Ghandi to Atticus Finch, you show me a man who would stand by and not lift a violent finger for any reason at all, and I'd show you a man lifted up to near Jesus levels of adoration and praise by liberal culture of the day.

That's because violence was always, always, I mean always, and I'll say one more time always, wrong.  It was never justified.  It was never excusable. From spanking to war to the death penalty to even violent self-defense, violence was never the answer. Those prepared to go like sheep to the slaughter rather than resort to violence, even in self-defense, were the greatest.  Even non-Christians and atheist liberals I knew were willing to tip their hat to the Jesus story, even if they didn't believe it, due to its peaceful, non-violent messaging.  From teachers and professors, to news stories and movies and television and books and even rock songs, peaceful nonviolence was the only acceptable option. 

But that was then.  That was before the dark times.  That was before the revolution we're witnessing before us that is dedicated to dismantling the Christian Faith, Christian civilization, the Christian West and the American experiment and their high ideals of equality, liberty and the pursuit of happiness these traditions brought to the world.  

Of course the linked story is just one professor, known apparently for some pretty wacked out radicalism and intolerance. But it's not new, it's not just him, and it's picking up steam.  We're seeing it in the justification of the violence, death, arson and destruction perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  We have seen it since 2016 as professors, scholars and journalists excused violent protests and physical threats by those outraged by the 2016 election. Almost overnight, violence has joined a growing stack of actions once cherished by liberalism, now being tossed out the window by the Left.  And we're seeing things liberals once warned against as the the most evil and unforgivable sins imaginable being sanctioned and celebrated; in some cases by those same old liberals. 

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