Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Words fail me

From former Steubenville professor Rebecca Weiss: 

There is nothing I can add to make it worse than it is.  Except perhaps:

So there you go.  Fatima could just be a big hoax; a giant, great big Nazi inspired fascist hoax.  And those who believe in it might just be fascists.   This could be arrived at by pondering the possibilities and then declaring anyone who challenges the possibilities to be fascists.  An air tight argument.

My two cents?  Notice how one of the tweets retweeted suggests "Mary" (note the scare quotes), being Jewish, should have put a special focus on the 6 million Jews killed in the  Holocaust over and beyond the tens of millions of others not Jewish killed in the other horrors of the last century.  

Perhaps it's me, but I find comfort in God and those immediately acquainted with the Almighty not being obsessed with our obsession with post-human worthiness based on demographic labels.  Unlike Fr. James Martin, I can see Jesus not really caring about the skin color of those in churches.  And apparently it's odd t hat I can see the Blessed Mother equally concerned about all of those who would suffer and die in our last century's nod to the latest ideologies and agendas, rather than being most concerned about those closest in demographic identity to her.  


  1. I dunno, Dave.
    Shea has already (2017) expressed his views on Ms Weiss: "a good woman, a good Catholic, a good scholar and a faithful defender"...

    I mean, has Shea's read on a person ever been wrong?

    1. Heh. Personally I don't know what kind of person she is. I don't even care if she doesn't believe the miracles and visions. That's up to her. But the ease with which she attributes anything and everything to 'fascist', including those who disagree with her assessment of anything and everything as fascist, is one slick way to make sure you're right because anyone who dares disagree is a potential fascist - including the Church itself in a pinch.

  2. Other than the fact fascist parties didn't even exist and Portugal was run by unstable coalitions of left-wing governments during the time of the apparitions, I really think she's on to something.

    Weiss is intelligent, but she invariably thinks she's the smartest person in the comment box. Her pride, alloyed with her increasingly-toxic leftism, has put her on a grim spiritual trajectory.

    1. She seems to use the term fascist less to describe the specific political developments of the time and place she's writing about, and more as a way to describe those who take issue with her opinions and observations.

    2. That makes sense. Unfortunately, she's fond of labels as substitutes for actual engagement with something that she dislikes. "Fundamentalist" is another go-to dismissal term.


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