Saturday, September 5, 2020

Has anyone noticed that the Left incraesingly talks about White people the way Nazis talked about Jews?

I thought of that as this story appeared about Biden claiming a black man, not some white guy, invented the light bulb.  I'm sure we all know that those who get the final prize aren't always the only ones who had an idea, or even ran the race to nab credit for the idea.  And anyone at least my age or younger knows that many of the inventions we now enjoy had a long list of people who took part in bringing to us those inventions.   Heck, it was actually supposed to be a good thing.

But the Democrats, beholden to the Left, must only see fostering race hate and racism as the goal.  So Biden swings out and suggests history books be changed to tell that it was a black man, not a white man (Edison) who invented the light bulb.   Could it be true?  Who knows.  Edison has become quite the villain in recent decades, often put in juxtaposition to the more saintly Nikola Tesla.  

But accuracy isn't the point here.  The point is continuing to borrow more and more pages from the Nazi playbook.  The point is to get more and more people to hate, and I mean with a knee jerk, visceral hate, white people.  As soon as 'white' is mentioned, it should invoke the same pavlovian response as yelling 'Jew' at the Reichstag in the 1930s.  It's meant to incite hatred, even violent hatred, and a desire to destroy anything and everything to do with white or Caucasian or Western or whatever.  In other words, pure genocide.  Or the foundations for it thereof.

Again, historians can unpack the accuracy of Biden's remarks.  Could there be some document proving that Edison maliciously stole Latimer's ideas, locked Latimer in the closet, and took credit for himself?  Sure.  Nonetheless, that is not the point here.  It's about rewriting the historical record to incite a growing number of people - including whites - to demand nothing less than the eradication of the Christian heritage of the Christian West and the whole experiment of the United States. 

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