Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The deacon versus the priest

Apparently a priest has dared suggest that our problems are not due to a failure to conform to socio-political policy solutions and narratives.  

Instead, he's suggested it's our nation's rejection of Christ and the Gospel and abandoning God that's the problem.  Worse, he dared suggest that things like murder and lynching are bad because, well, it's bad to murder and lynch people irrespective of the skin colors involved.  This he says as opposed to our current sanctioned opinion that murder, while bad, can be made worse based on the skin color of those involved.  He even went on to say that the Civil War was fought by brave men in order to end the common practice of human slavery.  I mean, we all know people can only have one motivation at a time, and since it appears many in the North were worried about preserving the Union and - worse - didn't see slavery and racism the way our perfect generation does today, it couldn't have been about slavery (except the Nazi Southerners who only fought to preserve slavery and for no other reason).  He then dared to suggest we need some stats and data before we run about yelling Systemic Racism and White Privilege, and muses that there could be a different way to see the problems we're all witnessing.  Whew.  

Well, this just won't do, and deacon and film critic Steven Greydanus swooped in to correct the misguided priest who dared suggest such things:

So there you go.  The Civil War couldn't have been about anything but the worst things, you can't think our problems are connected to some universal rejection of Christ as opposed to failing to see the political and social solutions that stand before us, and what the hell is wrong with people who don't first consider ethnicity and skin color when thinking of the horrors of lynchings and other forms of death and violence?  Oh, and apparently White Americans don't think there's racism today.  Not sure how, but apparently it's true. 

Two different perspectives for Catholics in 21st Century America. 

As for the whole voting and being a Democrat, I'd guess you can be a faithful Catholic and vote for either Democrats or Republicans.  Exactly how that is possible is for others to say.  As long as you're consistent, however, that's fair.  


  1. I wonder if Greydanus is still on the "Shhh... be quiet. It's time for you to listen" shtick. Or if he is now on the "your silence is violence" shtick. Because it was only a couple of years ago when, on Facebook, he would actually type "Shhhh.... listen" to people taking issue with his broad-stroke commenting when he would equate being white with being racist.

    1. As I've said, I notice those who swing to the left of center become less and less tolerant of allowing others with diverse opinions to express themselves.


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