Monday, September 16, 2019

Screen Rant demonstrates why most movies today are stink piles

Failing to conform is the greatest sin
So one Angelo Delos Trinos wrote over at Screen Rant why Raiders of the Lost Ark has not aged well.  Not because of quality or directing or effects.  In a nutshell, because it wasn't made in conformity to the superior and infallible intellectual and morally superior standards of modern politically correct sensitivities. The end.

Yep. That, to me, is a best part of the movie.  Unlike most of the cinematic bilge coming out today, which is in full service and thralldom to the political Left and the rigorous demands of political correct categories, Raiders was a film when film was still an art wrapped in an industry.  Today, it's an industry in slavish devotion to a political movement with art barely making the list.

And it shows.  Today the heroes must conform to PC categories.  Oh they might have this or that doubt or this or that emotional struggle.  But if they're good they're good  because of their socially assigned categorical identity.  Likewise the bad guys will be bad in conformity to PC demands, being religious, conservative, white, masculine men, capitalists, and on and on.  No code of the 1930s was more unwavering in its demand that all film conform to its standards than the Left today.  And more to the point, most filmmakers today are happy to be slavish thralls to the demands of today's leftist state.

Basically the point of the piece at Screen Rant is that Raiders should have been a one dimensional movie with superficial ingredients taken from the multi-cultural, politically correct cereal box.  The story should have been vapid and predictable, with lame and rehashed plot points that have been rehashed a thousand times.  The characters should have been thin and hollow caricatures based on the ingredients list from politically correct categories.  And all must have been in conformity to these things 100%, or they would be condemned outright.  See filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino today, almost bowing before the modern Left and nonetheless blasted for not keeping in line 100% when he does deviate.

That would have been the movie if Raiders was made today.  I'm thankful that Angelo Delos Trinos and the requisite demands were not around in 1981 to pollute such a wonderful movie.   Because, if you read it again, you realize that the rants are based purely on the film's failure to conform to the left's PC dictates.  No concern withe quality of story, or direction, or acting, or production.  In fact, quality seems to mean nothing at all.  Only conformity to the latest now.  Because, if you haven't noticed, there is nothing as intolerant, judgmental and close-minded as the modern left.

BTW, I grow tired of the idea that anything a white European or American does is default evil.  The problem with an actor from Europe playing an Egyptian misses old 60s and 70s Japanese television where Japanese actors play Arabic characters, or Middle Eastern actors portraying Europeans in movies about the Crusades.  That's what actors were assumed to do, before the dark days of the Politically Correct Empire.  Now, as I see black musicians refusing to play Mozart because white, and white musicians refusing to play any composer because white, and any white authors decried because of their whiteness, or any white actor or male actor or heterosexual actor told to stay in a PC mandated box and don't dare come out, I'm reminded how books like 1984 or Fahrenheit 451, despite their over the top predictions, can still end up falling far short of the eventual reality.


  1. Thank you!! Indy is not a PC snowflake. Period. Well said. Raiders has aged well... the lefty liberal who penned the first crappy article needs to spend his time more wisely. The PC nonsense is ridiculous. Pulling colors from crayons. Banning classic cartoons. Here the PC police, a group of young Caucasian’s, forced FSU to modify their Native American logo because they said it “offended” the Seminole Indians. The college bowed and it now looks like a white rocker...which NOW upsets the Indians because the logo no longer depicts a native warrior. The Indians liked the original...this PC stuff is ridiculous. Thankfully Indiana Jones and his totally U.N.-PC ways are a breath of fresh air in today’s libtard left snowflake leaning society.

    1. One of the trends with the Left has been to tell minorities to sit down and shut up and be offended when told. Unfortunately, there are those in each group willing to run with it. So the vast majority of American Indians don't care that Washington's team is the Redskins. But there are some who jumped on the bandwagon, and that's all the Left needs.

  2. It's Screen Rant, not Screen Rants, dipshit.


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