Wednesday, September 4, 2019

So that is what the Popeye's chicken sandwich frenzy is all about

OK, for the last few weeks I have heard more about Popeye's chicken sandwich than Americans heard about the Beatles when they first came to America.  It's been everywhere.  I've seen segments on the news, I've seen news articles, I've seen social media - every day something about that chicken sandwich.

All I could think was, am I missing something?  It's a chicken place.  I assumed it had a chicken sandwich.  Even if it didn't and this is new, how does it warrant such attention?  Granted, increasingly beyond ideological and political activism, media outlets are becoming a marketing platform for various corporate interests as well.  But this was strange because all they did was talk about the chicken sandwich as if it was the Second Coming, and compare it to the Chick fil A chicken sandwich.  That was all.

And then I saw this, how Popeye's is all the chicken sandwich you need, without the Homophobia. And then it hit me:  That's why.  True, I didn't see any news stories that brought this up.  But do I believe nobody else in the entire American press thought of this angle?  That would be beyond ridiculous to think they weren't aware of this.

Of course Chick fil A has nothing at all to do with homophobia, except it donates to unclean charities deemed to be enemies of the Leftist State.  The chain itself has nothing different about the LGBTQ community than anyone else. But its founder didn't have his mind right.

Once again, the attitude that for years the Left spent attacking is the attitude the Left now embraces.

The founder of Chick fil A dared defy a dogma of the Left.  And that, in the United Soviet States of America, is a sin worth defeating. Don't think for a minute it isn't.  America is entering into a time unlike any it has ever entered.  Everything liberalism once said was an evil needing overcome is now what defines the Left.  Think on that.


  1. "America is entering into a time unlike any it has ever entered."

    Actually I was listening to Jonah Goldberg remnant podcast on Woodrow Wilson and from what he has described of that era... I think America has been here before. I mean they brought up that at a baseball game a person was shot because he didn't stand for the national anthem and the murderer was acquitted by the jury!

    Funny nobody seems to talk about that era in America, eh?

    Episode in question:

    1. I'm sure things could get crazy at different times, even to the point of duels and fights in the middle of Congress. But I was meaning we're heading into a time where the highest ideals of what we thought America was all about are on the verge of being torn down, not just in action, but for good. While I'm also sure there have been times where that seemed as if it might happen, this time I see nothing prepared to stop it.


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