Thursday, September 12, 2019

Conservatives are speaking out against Euthanasia

And are about the only ones doing so. 

I stopped visiting Mark Shea's outlets at the beginning of the year.  Since then, I've had some I know send me examples of the unhinged rage and hatred that defines his ministry, though their numbers are dwindling.  I've typically avoided posting anything of his since I don't want to give him anymore exposure than he already has.  Though it's worth noting that the worse he gets, the higher his profile seems to go, so what I do or don't do doesn't seem to matter.   Such is Catholic apologetics in the modern Church.

Nonetheless, I felt this post warranted some attention.  The headline suggests there is euthanasia in the air, and Trump supporters who are pro-life are ignoring it.  Presumably because it is euthanasia ordered by Trump and, for political purposes, they are burying their heads in devotion to Trump.

This is not the case.  Mark's screed, which is barely worth the read, simply lashes out at Trump's policy regarding immigration that is, according to reports, causing some immigrants who are receiving medical care in the US to face deportation.  I don't know the details, because for two or three days it was all I heard about, and then suddenly the stories vanished.  Was it another 'Trump nukes Earth' story line?  Were they really removed?  If so, was it as simple as the news reports made it?

I do know that when this was reported, I noticed some Trump supporters express concern and say they did oppose something that could cause harm to people needing medical help.  But again, the story came and went so quickly (don't know why), it didn't seem to get steam in the debate forums.  I'd guess if it still is an issue, or actually is happening as the news reports say, then at least some I saw would not be happy.  And that includes decidedly pro-life conservatives who otherwise support Trump.

Nonetheless, as much as it's a policy that needs dealt with and addressed if it is true, it is not euthanasia.  Euthanasia is garnering more and more support in America, and that is disturbing.  While the definitions can sometimes be slippery on the popular level, the 2018 Gallup Poll found far too many Americans - conservative and liberal - warming up to the idea.  Again, at least warming up based on their understanding of the topic.

It's worth noting, however, that Mark's liberal allies and the Democratic party he now votes for along party-lines are much higher in support for actual euthanasia than Americans in general.  Those most opposed are those rascally conservative Christian Republican types.

Which is why I post this. Mark is clever enough, of course, not to box himself in with specifics.  Terms like 'Trump cult' or 'Gun cult' are Mark's inventions, and he freely applies them or not based upon the moment at hand.  Bring up an example or a hundred examples of people who don't fit what he is saying or show that his characterization is wrong, and he'll merely say they're not who he means.  Who he does mean is in his own head, and open to broad interpretation.

But his post headline was misleading and false enough to debunk.  I suspect I will see less and less of Mark's output as the last couple faithful who do the dirty work and keep me up with his trajectory follow the rest of us and stop polluting their eyes and minds.  But with this I thought it needed corrected and the actual truth pointed out.  Euthanasia and its growing acceptance is a major problem.  But the ones speaking out are almost always - almost mind you - those who are conservative pro-life advocates, Trump supporters or otherwise. Don't be fooled by the false headline.

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