Friday, September 13, 2019

Good for the Texans

So some residents in Texas are filing a lawsuit against the San Antonio airport for banning Chick-fil-A.  This banishment was because of the it's charity work and religious beliefs about gay marriage.

Once again, from the top: Tolerance and diversity have as much to do with the LGBTQ community as ham does with kosher food.  To attempt any other spin is to be a fool or a liar.

Over at Rod Dreher's site, he picked up on a comment I made about the Orthodox and the gay rights movement.  While homosexuality is in the Orthodox Church like everywhere else, and there are those Orthodox who are pushing modernity like everywhere else, there is also strong push back against the gay rights movement (among other things).  This is, of course, seen as hate by gay activists.

I pointed out that it's tough to get too mad at those who might be overstepping the bounds on opposing the LGBTQ movement given what they are seeing happen in the West.  After all, they aren't stupid.  They see people arrested, fired, fined, threatened, and generally punished for doing anything other than bow before and worship at the altar of gay sex, and they see the writing on the wall if their country goes the same direction.

Several took issue with me, since in my comment I mentioned the companies my wife and I have worked for that made acquiescence and full support for the LGBTQ movement a mandatory part of keeping our jobs.   Different ones wondered what the fuss was.  Why should people bring up controversial subjects at work?  Shouldn't a company be able to keep employees from causing divisions?  Can't companies impose their values on their employees?

Finally, I had to ask if the LGBTQ community should be tolerant of those who disagree with it?  That, of course, isn't even a possibility.  Like all things to do with the Left, it is not about tolerance, or diversity.  The Left is a new political religion, a secular paganism, and it sees the old Christian Faith the way the old Christian Faith once saw pagans.  Though in fairness, Christians were more willing to see what good could be gleaned from pagan cultures than the Left - heavily influenced by Communist roots - sees in the Christian heritage.

Nonetheless, all is not lost.  While many Americans are going along with the move toward a Soviet America, and post-Conservatives are the worst of the lot, even as others put their heads in the sand and hope for the best, there are signs of resistance.  I don't know if it's too late.  But it's never too late to stand up and try.  This lawsuit is one small light of hope for freedom and religious liberty.  We'll see where it goes.

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