Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pope Francis calls for an end to the word Rigid to describe Christians

Yep, says so right here in this story.  Apparently Pope Francis, who is no stranger to letting zingers fly at those he considers to be the cause of problems in the world, has called on us to stop using so many zingers to describe people.  He calls them adjectives, and says they are not useful for naming people. 

I get the point.  Adjectives wrongly used can be a backhanded way of condemning or judging people.  Nonetheless, it would be nice if he would lead by example.  No world religious leader in my lifetime has ever existed so strongly in the 'do as I preach, not as I do' plane of ministry as I've seen in Pope Francis.

In fact, that is one of my biggest beef with the man. I'll let sharper minds than mine hash out how much he is  or isn't changing Catholic teaching, or if Catholic teaching can ever be changed or if it's always just developing doctrine.  But by my eyes, I've seen few outside of some fundamentalist and hardcore liberal camps as quick to judge as the pope who became famous for asking who he is to judge.

I get pope and all, but I'm not aware that being pope means never having to live by the standards he, or God, expects of others.

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